Thursday, May 12, 2011

Three Versions

1. It is the endless Wednesday night that we will all find ourselves in eventually, where you are driving with the windows down and it is summer and it is the middle of the desert in western Nevada. The moon is slowly colliding with the earth and you taste whiskey in your mouth and this is the song on the radio forever.

2. Or, maybe it is Madrid and it is 2:37 AM and there was a girl (or there wasn't a girl) and you are drunk and this song is playing on the big, soft headphones and you are looking out at the streets and they are all wet, even though it never rained.

3. Or, it is July and so hot that people sleep outside on balconies. You are swimming in a swimming pool with a green light at the bottom, on the left, and then the Maharal (or someone dressed like him) comes and rubs one letter (a single letter!) from the word written in candle ash on your forehead and then you are asleep and you don't exist, but this song is still playing and you are still under the water.

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