Sunday, June 5, 2011

The Traditional Gift

While at dinner last night, I was describing to Chiara the list of "traditional anniversary gifts" that I feel quite sure no one has ever paid any attention to.

She asked what they were and I read them to her:

Me: "First year - Paper."

Chiara: "Money."

Me: "Second year - Cotton."

Chiara: "A tissue."

Me: "Third year - Leather."

Chiara: "A belt."

Me: "Fourth year - Fruit or Flowers."

Chiara: "A basket of flowers?"

Me: "Fifth year - Wood."

Chiara: "A broomstick to the head."

Me: "Sixth year - Candy or Iron. Candy OR Iron?"

Chiara: "Heavy candy?"

Me: "And here is this year's - Wool or Copper."

Chiara: "A copper sweater?"

Bonus Chiara non sequitur from later in the evening:

"Humphrey Bogart looks like one of those guys who has too much saliva in his mouth when he talks."

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