Monday, April 17, 2006

Vancouver: A Dream Deferred

The hotel was a highrise. I had a corner room on the 21st floor. Close-up views of the entire downtown skyline of Vancouver. This provided an excellent opportunity to fulfill one of my great, unrealized dreams:

To witness two people having sex in the office after hours through the window of an adjacent building.

I don’t particularly care if they are having an illicit affair or are simply using the office to spice up their sex-life. I just want to look across a city block from a darkened hotel room and see it happen.

Cleaning crew doesn’t count, they have to actually work there during daylight hours.

Fatcat boss and secretary would be ideal.

My dream remains unrealized. The closest I got that night was while looking across the way into the Fairmont hotel. I saw a guy in his bathrobe on the 18th floor looking up at me from behind his curtain.

Maybe he has the same dream as I do.

I waved and he scampered back into the welcoming darkness of his room. I stood by my window for a moment, scanning the illuminated boxes in the skyscrapers near me, thinking of Rear Window. Then I turned and went to bed.

I left all the curtains open, just in case.

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