Saturday, June 4, 2011


Today Chiara and I have been married seven years.

I can only assume that she is hanging around for the insurance money, because I certainly wouldn't be married to myself for seven years.

And I have a kind of rule that I don't use this blog for serious, sincere things.

So, instead I will just report what Chiara said the other day about the angry man in the theatre, who shouted at the old woman using her phone during The Cave Of Forgotten Dreams:

"I know that all those people in the theatre were old, I mean, they were like archeologies, but that old woman was only playing with her blueberry for like one second before that old man yelled at her. Is he crazy?"

Love you, amore. You're the one who is crazy.

Oh, and P.S., Une Femme Est Une Femme is a DELIGHT, you brat.

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